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Presenting "Guido," a 1988 M3, in all his Infiniti Pearl White glory.

Bought from Bill Arnold (BMW Repair God) 11-19-99

The story of Guido's name, as I heard it: A previous owner desecrated this Cinnabar Red M3 with decidedly non-BMW-standard pearl white paint. When somebody quipped that the car looked like it should have pointy shoes and gold chains in its chest hair, the name Guido was bestowed.

First day at his new home, Nov. 19, 1999 Turn 9, Laguna Seca, Nov. 20, 1999

Thunderhill Racetrack, June 15, 2000

It's time to go racing!

The racecar transformation began in June 2000, with
the roll cage, harness, and fire extinguisher installation.

March, 2001

Since our first race will be on April 21st, it's about time to get serious....

New Crew Chief Andrie's first job: ripping out carpet

Wow, this is a different look!
The yellow paint protects holes drilled for the cage.

Jim Bassett supervised the cage install.

Don't worry, we got some real work out of him. :)

Cage padding, race seat, new yellow paint,
numbers, and a Club Racing sticker -

Guido is officially a race car!


I'm official, too, so...

We're ready to go racin'!


Click here for racing pictures!