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Introducing Sal

Apr 27, 2002

Sal is a Cinnabar 1989 325i that I bought this week from Bill Arnold. She is the second car I've bought from Bill without even sitting in it. If this purchase works out as well as Guido's has, I'll be very happy and not a bit surprised!
She was rear-ended, so she has a salvage title. (Salvage... Sal... get it? <groan>)

I've already learned two important things from Sal:
1) M3s will spoil a gal, and
2) I no longer have the skills to drive on street tires.

With her tall skinny M&S tires and "oh my god this is why nobody leaves it stock" suspension, I will regain smoothness or embarrass us both.

But maybe just a JimC chip...?


Apr 28, 2002

That was yesterday; this is today.
A little polishing wax, a little Black Chrome, and look at her now!